I’m Kelley Griffiths

Holistic health & Self Compassion Coach


Bendy, Strong & Glorious

15 Week on-demand fitness program

Develop strength, flexibility, find the fun in fitness and learn how to work out at home, and feel good whilst doing it!

Fitness doesn’t have to be boring or a military gym style. There is another way!


Project Goddess

8 week Group Coaching Program

Build the skills, insight, and habits you need to fire up your self-compassion, love the skin you’re in and build unshakeable confidence, so you can live your life fully.

Love The Skin You're In

Do you want to love the skin your in so you can show up in life with love and power?

Rest, Restore, Recover

Yoga Nidra is the meditative heart of Yoga. Practiced lying down, in stillness, being guided by my voice, it is the ultimate relaxation technique.

Online Community

Join us for monthly challenges, guest speakers, inspiration, and accountability.

Bendy, Strong & Glorious

15 week at home fitness & mindful movement program

Start your Goddess Journey

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Yoga Nidra

Why am I starting a revolution?



 Because I know what it’s like to be overworked & stressed out, chasing my tail and never giving myself the chance to rest. 

I spent too long dealing with overwhelm and pressure by overeating, under-exercising, drinking instead of sleeping, and hating my body instead of learning to step into my power.

I started my own interval revolution 6 years ago when I sobered up,  built a new life, and developed a new toolbox of skills to carry with me. 

Now it’s my mission to share what I learn, and empower as many women as possible, so they too can break free and live fully.

Body Shame and burnout work weeks are over.

Self-compassion and work-life balance is in.

What does my body have to do with my business/career?



If you’re burned out, exhausted, riddled with pain and anxiety, not sleeping, and you eat crap or just eat nothing, your work will suffer. 

You will not show up fully in your job, 

you will be less productive, 

you will be less focused, 

you will be less efficient,

and you will end up needing MORE energy and resources to play catch up and stay on top.

If you want to build the career or business of your dreams, you need to do the work on a foundation of self-compassion, with a toolkit of self-management tools and a rock-solid relationship with your body so you know when to push, when to rest, and when to reflect.

You cannot show up as a warrior every day. Sometimes you need to go slowly. But you also cannot show up at half speed and feeling like crap for very long without things beginning to fall apart. There is a balance to be struck and once you get this, your life will change for the better.

Before I took control of my health and self-worth, my professional like suffered, sure I was making money and had cool jobs, but I felt like shit and was barely getting by emotionally and physically.

Once I took back control and stepped in to love and balance, I stepped into my dreams and Goddess life. 

Way’s to join the Body Bliss Revolution…

PROJECT: Goddess

8 Week Group Coaching Program

If you need to develop a rock-solid foundation of self-love and gain clarity on your vision, goals, and values take a look at…

Build the skills habits and insights you need to fire up your self-compassion, love the skin you’re in and build unshakeable confidence so you can live life fully

Runs 3 times per year

PROJECT: Body Biz Balance

12 Week 1:1 Coaching Program

For the busy driven woman who wants to live well, and build their empire.



Sleep Better Feel Better, Stress Management, Nutrition: Brain & Energy, Productivity & Prioritisation, Mindset & Attitude


Bendy, Strong & Glorious

15 Week online at home fitness program


Have you every wondered what it would be like to have a regular home work out routine that covered strength, flexibility, music, fun, and mindful movement?

4 Classes per week that you can watch on-demand, over & over.

Body Blitz Full Body Fitness

Body Weight Strength Training

Deep Stretching & Mobility

Morning Mindful Moves


Heart-centred movement at it’s best.


Feel Good Food & Fitness

12 Week 1:1 coaching program

Fitness, nutrition, and mindset coaching will help you disconnect from disempowering thoughts and behaviours.

And replace them with thoughts and behaviours that drastically improve your strength, energy, emotions, and relationship with food.

Find the fun in fitness and break away from diet culture.

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I’m Kelley. 


I’m a burned-out workaholic, turned health coach, whose mission it is to help people find that work-life balance so they can feel amazing and thrive in life and biz.

I spent years disconnected from my body and had no idea how to eat or move to feel good. I just partied, drank, worked which allowed me to get by, but not thrive. I wasn’t living fully or truly enjoying my life or my body. That all changed 6 years ago. I turned my life around and transformed my heart, mind, and body. Now I help other women do the same.

I’m sick and tired of the diet industry telling us we’re not enough as we are, and the work world pushing us to compromise our health and life for the sake of a profit line. That stops here.


Made with love.



I just achieved the biggest growth of my life and I feel so proud. This coaching was way more effective for me than any psychotherapy work. It’s not a usual fitness coaching, it is way more than that. Kelley is an amazing listener and motivational guid, she’s generous and as an empowered woman herself, she helps women to empower themselves.”

During this time I started to feel more like myself, I gained confidence at work and in my friendships and I started to sew again after not doing so for over 15 years. Kelley is a genuine authentic soul and clearly does this because she cares, she has an infectious delightful energy and she is a pleasure. She always puts her clients first and her approach rocks.

I’ve achieved so many goals through Kelley’s coaching program and its even hard for me to find out what was the biggest win of all.

Want to find out what it is like to work with me and how I can help you thrive in life? Let’s talk…x 

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