Personal Trainer Berlin

English speaking holistic personal trainer based in Berlin  offering group classes & personalised yoga fitness training.

I run regular group classes and offer private sessions. Together we move, shake, jiggle, question, breath and challenge our bodies and habits.

I have over 800hrs teaching experience and a tribe of happy clients.

I help people find motivation, learn how to interact with their body in a healthy way, find the fun in fitness and feel better as a result.

Certified Yoga and Mindfulness for Addictions teacher by Minded Institute.

Total Yoga Nidra Facilitator with Yoga Campus



What do my clients say?

“Kelley transformed my whole approach & attitude towards my health and well being.” Aisling

“She’s an all around badass who makes everyone around her feel amazing – and everyone needs a person like that in their lives!”” Lizzy

“Kelley is the best ally you can possibly have…she has set me on a path that leaves me stronger day by day” Susanne

“Highly recommended if you want to do yourself some good!” Kerstin

“She helped me gain the confidence to exercise by myself and has shown me how enjoyable it can be.” Flo

“A highly motivating woman that will bring you to your limits in a charming and personalized way. She is patient and yet demanding” Charlotte

“Having Kelley guide you in connecting with your body in a positive way makes such a difference – physically and mentally.” Cerian


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Work With Me

Do you have a busy schedule and room at home to work out at home or a local park? Maybe you would be interested in personalised Personal Training.

Do you want to sweat, jump, jiggle and workout in a fun group of like-minded people? Then you should join the tribe at the weekly Group Classes.

About Me

I am not your normal personal trainer. This isn’t about getting a six pack or a bubble butt and quite frankly I don’t care how many press-ups you can do or if you can dead lift a cow. I care how you feel.

I believe that to have a beautiful body a person has to feel beautiful in their body.

And I believe that YOU can feel beautiful.

I also believe that deep down in there somewhere, no matter what your mind is saying to you and how you feel right now, rolling your eyes at me or not, you know this is true.

I don’t think you really believe hundreds of hours in the gym lifting heavy weights and running up and down stairs is going to change how you feel inside; Or that by getting the right pair of jeans or make-up collection you’re somehow going to change the way you feel when you look in the mirror.

You also probably know that there is more to life than trying to keep up with the latest fitness trend, counting calories and tracking how many steps you’ve done.

Maybe you don’t quite believe it right now, but you can change the way you feel in your body and learn to love it, adore it and walk around feeling beautiful.

You can find the joy in fitness and learn to make movement part of your lifestyle and not just a chore to be done. And you can build strength, flexibility and stamina both mentally and physically. It might be hard to imagine this is possible, but I know it is.

Sometimes life is hard, we cry, we lose things, we love and circumstances change and with it our priorities might have to, but we do not have to fall apart.

You can learn to be resilient and develop a toolbox of skills to move through life with so you can maintain the best version of yourself that you can; to feel as good as possible, as often as possible.

This IS possible.

You can join me and the many other people who are on this journey if you want to.

You can come exactly as you are right now and we will find a way to work together.

Welcome – please have a look around, ask questions and share your thoughts.

Made with Love, by Kelley x


Personal Training

English-Speaking Personal Trainer in Berlin

I offer one-on-one personal training in English in Berlin for woman. I also train couples and small groups. All programs are personalised and made especially to suit your needs.

How does it work?

I come to you (your house or a park/track) and  we work with the body in a constructive way, exploring movement, gaining awareness of our habits, trying to understand them and then find ways to improve our experience in life.

You develop new skills and habits for a better lifestyle and develop a fit and healthy body.

Each person’s program is different. Some people train 1 time per week, some people 3 times.

Yoga, Interval Training, body-weight training,  and kettle bells are the foundation of the movement practice.

What programs for you offer?

There are two programs to choose from Re-Connection and Maintenance.

Can I try a session?

Yes of course. A trial session is 35euro. Message me to arrange a time at or message me below

How much are regular sessions?

You can find full rates here.