I’m Kelley Griffiths

Nutrition & Fitness Coach

Yoga Nidra Facilitator

Build Strength, Break the Binge Eating Cycle, Feel Beautiful

Transformation Coaching (Online)

1: 1  Coaching

Empowering women to stop binge eating, build strength, be body confident and feel beautiful.

You can break free from the habits that restrict you and learn to live a life you love!

Come exactly as you are.


Group Classes (Berlin)

Making fitness fun, find your inner stretchy cat. We twist, laugh, shake & jump.


Made with love, all levels welcome.x

I am not your average nutrition and fitness coach.

This isn’t about getting a six pack or a bubble butt and quite frankly, I don’t care how many press-ups you can do or if you can deadlift a cow. I care about how you feel. And if you want to get strong, inside and out, we do that also.x

You can never have a beautiful body if you don’t FEEL beautiful. And you’re probably rolling your eyes at me right now, but you know this is true.

Spending hundreds of hours in the gym, counting calories, trying the latest fad diet or buying more make-up isn’t going to change how you feel about yourself. 

And the thought of you crying in changing rooms trying on jeans, constantly confused, stressed and overwhelmed trying to find the “answer” breaks my heart. This has to stop.

I will teach you to find the fun in fitness, love your body, enjoy food freedom and build strength and resilience. You will develop a toolbox of skills and a deep understanding of your body so you can live a life you love. 

Join me and the other amazing women on this journey.

Come exactly as you are.

Made with Love, by Kelley x


It is my mission to empower women to get ultimate body confidence and food freedom so that they can live a life they love.

No one is excluded – transformation is possible for everyone. I believe with all my heart we can create new pathways, move beyond unskillful, detrimental habits and develop unshakeable confidence & compassion and resilience.

I combine my passion and training in Nutritional Coaching, (Fun) Fitness, Buddhist Psychology, Yoga Nidra, Mindset & Habit Forming Psychology and Sense of Humour into a unique coaching experience.

I LOVE people, learning, sharing, supporting, coaching, moving, laughing and finding ways to enjoy life, even when it gets hard. That is when we grow.

I have struggled with my body, overcome many obstacles and built a life I love and I help other women do the same. You can do the same.

Everything I do is made with love.x

Magda, Berlin

Kelley is such an amazing fitness professional and an amazing human! I reached out to her in December hoping that I would become fitter and stronger by summer – and I got so much more than that. She truly listens to me and my body, taking into account my limits and encouraging me to see my own potential. We’ve been working together for 4 months now and I have not only become much more confident in my body and its capabilities, but also realized I can actually really, really enjoy working out! I am a person with a long history of eating disorders and a life-long asthma, and all the changes I managed to make happen thanks to Kelley and her guidance and support are an amazing achievement. Every week I am looking forward to our next meeting – and I have never ever thought I would say such words about a personal trainer:)

Rebecca, UK

I have taken part in the 5 day challenge and can not recommend this enough. If you are struggling to get into the right head space and focus on your health and fitness, this really is for you. Kelley is the most positive, enthusiastic but down to earth person I have came across in the fitness industry; having worked in a gym for nearly 8 years and been a member of gyms for over 15 years I think it’s fair to say that I have came across a few. Kelley encourages you through the 5 days, offering advice and assistance whenever you need it. The group environment ensures that you stay engaged and makes sure that you stay on track. It’s refreshing to meet someone who truly cares about others. I am so glad that I took part in the 5 day challenge and met Kelley.

Aisling, Berlin

Kelley transformed my whole approach & attitude towards my health and well being. During the months I spent working with Kelley, I became the person I had always dreamed of. Through her holistic approach I not only learned about my body and how to work with it, rather than against it, I also learned to love my body more & to care for it by nourishing it, moving it, slowing it down when needs be and working to get the best out of it. There are so many things Kelley taught me that I have adopted for life. You won’t ever regret having a session with this wonderful human as she’s a ball of pure positivity & energy that brightens the darkest Berlin days!

Mary, Berlin

I absolutely LOVE working with Kelley. She is highly professional, very knowledgeable, dedicated, passionate, but most importantly funny, compassionate and body-loving-positive. I did the 5 day challenge with her and learned a lot about how to pre-cook, portion, vary and balance my food, without forgetting to enjoy it. I can absolutely recommend her coaching!

Susanne, Berlin

“Kelley helped me build the strength, mobility and confidence I needed to go after my lifelong dream of learning how to surf. By introducing me to her unique mix of ashtanga and interval training she has set me on a path that leaves me stronger day by day.
Kelley is the best ally you can possibly have: As a true teacher, she is not afraid to share her knowledge and experience and will make your progress her mission. Not only will you feel great, you will also know something new about your body every time you trained with her. She also inspired me to be more open to new experiences and to allow myself to go after the things that truly make me happy.”

Maddie, Berlin

Kelley is dedicated, organised and passionate. Her positivity is infectious and you have the sense that she truly cares about her clients. Her approach is body positive and very different from typical diet culture stuff that can do more harm than good. She promotes a healthy relationship with food and movement rather than promoting weight loss or a “good” and “bad” dichotomy. 5 stars, A++ ✔️

Gayle, Berlin

“Kelley has an amazing positive energy and always makes time to inspire and encourage, even outside of sessions.  She has a thorough understanding of fitness and yoga and is extremely insightful about translating this knowledge to individual needs and training plans. I find her combination of HIIT and yoga really fun and effective and I’ve learned more about my body than I ever did with any previous trainers or fitness class.”

JoJo, Berlin

I did Kelleys 5 day food challlenge, it was so great. She supplied really thorough information on nutrition, answered all the questions, and as always was an infectious possitive energy. The program was very personalisable, she obviously loves what she does and truely cares about the people she works with. As well created a very comfortable environment to commincate with other people on the week long program, encouraging a network of support. Really recommend her for nutrition and movement coaching.  X

Lizzy, Berlin

“I came to Kelley wanting to get fit and lose weight. Kelley supported my goals with zero judgement but she also helped me change the way I think and feel about nutrition and exercise. With Kelley, I sweat, I stretch, I get strong, I get fit, but I also get help with the mental barriers that cause so many of us to have negative relationships with our bodies. I feel better than I have with any other personal trainer because every session is so personalised to me as a person (not just a body) and Kelley always give so much. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her heart is huge. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about exercise and nutrition, she’s motivated me to do what feels good for my body. She makes me laugh, she’s open and kind, and her insight and wisdom make me feel comfortable to open up myself. Basically she’s an all around badass who makes everyone around her feel amazing – and everyone needs a person like that in their lives!”

Ellen, Berlin

It‘s really outstanding how uplifting it was to work with Kelley during the 5 day challenge. At any time, she is ready to answer questions, creating a safe and non-judgemental space to speak openly. I learned a lot from her profound knowledge about nutrition. She also enabled me to have a clear look at myself, my patterns, and habits. What I take with is clearly a calmer, more mindful relationship with food and a richer scale of nourishments that makes my life freer. Kelley really managed to make the effort fun. That women is wonderfully gifted and I highly recommend her coaching.

Flo, Berlin

“Exercise and healthy eating has always been a struggle for me. When I first met Kelley I was binge eating daily and suffering from body dysmorphia.

Kelley has been so understanding and patient with me from the start and through sharing her own experiences has made me feel less alone. It has been really helpful knowing that even she, who’s so positive and fit, struggles with these issues and shows how it’s something you have to work hard at every day.

She is always patient and without judgement, but she’ll give you some ‘tough love’ when you need it. She helped me gain the confidence to exercise by myself and has shown me how enjoyable it can be. I highly recommend anyone to work with Kelley. She has such a beautiful soul and is a delight to be around.”

Vera, Berlin

Kelley is an inspiring and motivating coach!
Her energy and positivity is absolutely wonderful AND infectious!
On top of that she absolutely KNOWS her stuff and has a great way of guiding trough her courses/workshops/challenges/coaching.
I did the feel-good-food-challenge with her in August and even in those 5 days, I became aware of so many patterns and behaviors which enabled me to gain a different perspective on the way I nourish and take care of myself.
Thank you for your work, your openness and for pouring your heart into the awesome work you do!

Madeleine, Berlin

“I appreciated that you always took the time to listen and respond in a way that suited my mood or abilities that particular day. (since our training) I try to do more incidental exercise and be aware of my body/movement, also hello I have quit alcohol!..I try to be forgiving of myself when I have a bad day and embrace my body the way it is…while I was training with you though I felt strong and capable and like I was doing something good for myself physically and mentally…As someone who suffers from depression I think the effect on my mental health was probably the most obvious influence and the strengthening of my body was like the added bonus...You’re a very positive and motivating person. You can really see your resilience and it feels like you actually care about your clients mentally as well as wanting them to grow and achieve physically.”

Charlotte, 25, Berlin

“A highly motivating woman that will bring you to your limits in a charming and personalized way. She is patient and yet demanding – perfect combination for a regular sports partner and friend! She inspired me to stop smoking and to eat healthier even though it’s not something we talked about.”

Natalie, Berlin

Kelley is so motivating, lovely and understanding. She does really consider your life’s reality and is very engaged to find doable ways with you. She gives you ideas and skills that can change a lot. Also she is such a warmhearted person and it is fun to work with her, what is really motivating. I love her trainings, and she already helped me to eat more mindfully and cook again healthy meals. I can absolutely recommend to work with her!

Kerstin, Berlin

“I’m really happy with the changes that I’ve managed to achieve with her help. Her enthusiastic yet gentle manner and her own story and holistic approach to embrace movement as part of our lives and not just something that needs to be done are very inspiring and motivating to me. Since working with her I’ve integrated a lot more of this in my own daily life and I feel so much better for it. I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Kelley to absolutely anyone. She will find something to suit you!”

Natalia, 36, Berlin

“As a trainer, I think Kelley is sincere about how she works with people, she always remembers to focus on what your issues are and what is the best way to work with each individual. She is considerate and has a personality that makes people feel at ease. Kelley is extremely encouraging and pushes me to achieve the goals we have set. The workouts are always different and I look forward to each session. Kelley is very personable and a well rounded person and trainer. She listens and understands what I want to accomplish in my workouts.

Kelley tailors my workout to fit my desired results but definitely pushes me to do as much as I can. She is the best! I can highly recommend her as a trainer!”

Cerian, Wales

“Kelley helped me to see where I needed to make some adjustments with my eating ,training and lifestyle in general -how to workout more efficiently, when to rest and eat depending on my hormones and body’s needs etc. We are so bombarded with ideas of ‘health and fitness’ that we lose sight and become detached from our own body and how it works. Having Kelley guide you in connecting with your body in a positive way makes such a difference – physically and mentally. She gives you time and understanding unique to you, a really holistic experience ? “

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