I’m Kelley Griffiths

Nutrition & Fitness Coach

Yoga Nidra Facilitator

Helping Women Live A Life They Love

Transformation Coaching (Online)

1-on-1 Bespoke Coaching

Empowering women to gain ultimate body confidence without stress, confusion or restiction

Group Classes (Berlin)

Group classes with USC in English.

General Fitness


Yoga Nidra

What Is Transformation Coaching &
Who is It For?




Do you feel like this…

  • Lost and overwhelmed
  • Disconnected from your body
  • Like you’ve tried everything
  • Scared to ask for help
  • Embarrassed about your condition
  • Unsure what to do
  • Like you just can’t make habits stick

Do you …

  • Feel insecure about your body
  • Not wear certain clothes
  • Not go swimming
  • Not go dancing
  • Try the latest diets
  • Say no to social engagements
  • Try and cover your trouble spots
  • Limit your experience of life

… all because of how you feel about your body?

Weekly Coaching calls

One-on-One coaching calls so you can review your progress, ask questions and receive your individual weekly plan.

VIP Online Community

Facebook community so you can share your successes questions and journey and meet people on the same journey!

Fitness Training Plan

Delivered and updated weekly so that you always know what you should be doing and can fit it into your schedule

Nutrition Coaching

Coaching so you feel confident in your food choices and develop lasting habits that leave you feeling great and full of energy

Bespoke Yoga Nidra

Tailored specifically to your needs and goals so you can use it as a tool on your transformation journey.

About Me

It is my mission to help women learn to love and look after their bodies so that they can live a life they love.

I believe we are incredibly strong and resilient and can all tap into our potential for change and growth. No one is excluded – transformation is possible for everyone.

I combine my passion for nutritional coaching, making fitness fun, Buddhist Psychology, Yoga Nidra, mindset and habit forming psychology and sense of humour into a unique coaching experience.

I love nothing better than being with people, learning, sharing, supporting, coaching, moving, laughing and finding ways to enjoy life.

I have struggled with my body, overcome many obstacles and built a life I love and I help other women do the same.

Everything I do is made with love.x



“Kelley transformed my whole approach & attitude towards my health and well being.” Aisling

“She’s an all around badass who makes everyone around her feel amazing – and everyone needs a person like that in their lives!” Lizzy

“Kelley is the best ally you can possibly have…she has set me on a path that leaves me stronger day by day”


Bespoke Yoga Nidra Experiences

You can book your own personal yoga nidra experience in person in a studio or home in Berlin. Or Live online for yourself or as a present for a loved one.

Yoga Nidra is a systematic form of relaxation also known as dynamic sleep. Specialised relaxation exercises, breathing techniques, meditation and guided imagery are utilised to help you become extremely relaxed and replenish your energy. Yoga Nidra is a proven antidote to anxiety and has been adopted by veterans, recovering addicts, as well as the normal stressed-out person.

You will learn how to experience deep-state relaxation in these weekly drop-in classes using the practice of Yoga Nidra (deep-dynamic sleep).


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