What are you taking about? I hear you ask.  Well, I work with people whose adrenals are messed up and exercise alone isn’t going to help getting rid of that belly fat. It is more than exercise and sometimes, exercise can stress the body even more.

“When your body can’t handle stress, it creates an increase of the hormone, cortisol. The nature of Cortisol is to help you survive and handle stress. Excess cortisol causes belly fat because “Fat” to the body, is “potential energy.” Belly fat accumulates as energy “reserves”. Your body works in this cycle: the more stress, the more cortisol, the more energy reserves. This results in more fat storage. You have the most challenging body type because of this imbalance.”

This video is a really good introduction to understanding what the adrenal body type is.

Although I don’t have the physical characteristics, I have the personality characteristics and use some of the recommendations in here for keeping me feeling good. Give it a watch and ignore the product placement at the end 🙂






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