with Kelley Griffiths

8 Week Group Coaching Program

Build the skills, insight and habits you need to…

 fire up your self-compassion,

love the skin you’re in and

build unshakeable confidence

…so you can live your life fully.

Do you know what you need to do to feel good in your skin and develop confidence?

Do you know how to access your powers and live a life you love?

Do you know how to show up fully in your life, and walk right through fear?

If the answer is no, I am going to show you how!

I talk to so many women who…

Feel uncomfortable in their body and compromise how they live their life
Don’t feel good in their skin and wish they could just find the right diet or fitness plan!
Get jealous of other women and torture themselves comparing their body’s to IG models!
Get steam rolled by their inner critic and minimise their life
Don’t like what they see when they look in the mirror
Feel stuck in their identity and wish they could transform, but just don’t know how
Think they aren’t worth the effort of looking after themselves and their health suffers
Let people overstep their boundaries because they can’t communicate their needs effectively
Lack motivation and commitment in their health goals and don’t see results
Feel like they’ve tried everything, and don’t know what to do anymore

And that is exactly why I created this program!

PROJECT: Goddess is all about…SPECIFIC action steps to help you figure out what your Goddess life looks like and strategies for how to get you there!


You buy those amazing clothes and then actually show up to work wearing them, loving it, and not caring what anyone thinks.

You land that dream job you were always too shy to apply for, and show up, walk straight through imposter syndrome, take everyone by storm and step proudly into your Boss Babe shoes knowing you deserve to be there.

You apply for that dance course, buy the outfit and actually go to class, move your body in ways you’ve only ever dreamed of and love every minute of being in your body.

You walk down the street, radiating love and light, free from fear of judgment and no longer trapped by your critic mind that has stood in the way of you living your life.

 You pack your dream bikini and outfits for holiday and then wear them, shameless and love how you feel in your body, not giving a flying fuck if you have abs or not. You realise your worth is more than the weight on the scales, you don’t even weigh yourself anymore, because it’s meaningless.

You say no to engagements you don’t want to go to, you set boundaries with the people that drain you and enjoy spending time with and caring for yourself.

You love giving and receiving compliments, and encouragement to other women. You’re not competitive, jealous or intimidated by others because you realise we are all beautiful, we all have something to offer this world and life is better when you choose compassion.

You finally know what it feels like to enjoy living life in your body and have strategies in place for when times get tough and trust that you will get through it and come out the other end stronger.

Imagine you had clarity on your values, dreams, desires, and knew exactly how you can access your inner strengths, weaken that inner critic, wear the clothes you want, feel good in your body, know how to love and look after yourself whilst moving through life with unshakeable confidence and trust in your body?

Do you want this? If so, come with me my love!

Are you ready to show up in life fully, authentically, and with confidence?

*WARNING* This program is only for people are ready for a deep level transformation, to let go of self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, complaining and feeling like crap!

If you’re ready to find out what your Goddess life could look like, and then strategically make it a reality, then come with me!

Kelley’s approach is one of no pressure but her technique really does make you self reflect and help you come up with your own ideas and solutions…12 weeks with Kelley and I truly learnt things about myself that I didn’t know, sometimes this was very emotional and often uplifting. 


During this time I started to feel more like myself, I gained confidence at work and in my friendships and I started to sew again after not doing so for over 15 years. Kelley is a genuine authentic soul and clearly does this because she cares, she has an infectious delightful energy and she is a pleasure. She always puts her clients first and her approach rocks.

K. Brown

Let me start off by saying, you don’t need another fad diet or crazy fitness plan – there is a time and a place for nourishing health, don’t get me wrong, but punishing your body isn’t going to change how you feel inside.

When you learn to work from a place of compassion and loving-kindness towards yourself and honor your inner Goddess, everything changes.


You also don’t need a scroll of affirmations that you mindlessly read each day and hope that you will suddenly fall in love with your body – it’s not that simple.


You need space to try new things, patience with yourself, support from people outside of yourself, strategies for overcoming hurdles on the path, the ability to self-reflect, a sisterhood of like-minded women and someone who has done what you want to do!

You will get all of that from this incredible online 8 week group coaching experience.


Hello My Love,

I am going to show you the exact tools and techniques I used to go from someone who hated the body I lived in, who had no idea how to love and look after myself, who was overrun with inner demons and felt like I was broken and worthless, to someone who now LOVES the skin they’re in, CELEBRATES their body and the life it lives, SUPPORTS the Goddesses in this world, NOURISHES her body and shows up in her life with LOVE, COMPASSION, PLAYFULNESS, and CONFIDENCE.

I know first hand what it feels like to struggle with your body and to feel stuck and lost on their self-love journey.

I’ve been working for 3 years as a fitness trainer and personal health coach. I completed my Precision Nutrition coaching certificate last year alongside a 4 month Yoga Nidra Facilitator program, all with the intention to help empower women on their health and fitness journey. And this has been GREAT! I love my 1:1 coaching work, but there was a gap that needed to be addressed.

If someone doesn’t think they are worth the effort to nourish their body and find a way to enjoy movement, they won’t do the work.

I used to be in this place. I have been a nutrition geek for a decade. Even in the depths of my party madness drug-fuelled 20’s I was still sipping wheatgrass and making my own Kombucha. But it never stuck and I kept falling back into bad habits because I wasn’t doing any of it from a place of love and kindness. I thought I was broken, so I was trying to fix my broken self, and every time I didn’t lose weight or fix my skin, it felt like proof that I was a broken, unfixable human who had no hope.

That was a horrible place to be. I turned my life around and at the age of 26 gave up smoking, drinking and drugs and put in years of work, research and experimentation to develop self-love and lasting healthy habits. I did it, I still do it. I am still developing my Goddess life and powers.

I now help women do what I did, transform, and give them the tools I have picked up along the way.

This is my mission and life’s work – to be the best version of myself that I can, so I support other women move through suffering and into joy!



Made with love,


 I love how Kelley has helped me constantly break down my big goals, reflect and forgive myself when things are out of my control. I would recommend Kelley to everyone and trust her advice to help you move forward. Thank you Kelley for everything xxx

A. Z

Calling all  Goddesses!

(ladies that want to live with love, compassion, and confidence)

I want to introduce you to the life-changing 8 Week Group Coaching Program


PROJECT: Goddess is an online group coaching program, where together with the other sisters on the course we learn, share, reflect, test and grow into our Goddess powers.


Join the waitlist to find out when the project is running next.


Every Monday there is a live training (via ZOOM) that will last between 1-2hrs with a Q&A section at the end. This will be available for replay and then saved onto a cloud where you can access it anytime. You will be given tasks to complete each week.


Every other Wednesday we have a live Group Coaching call. To keep it intimate there will never be more than 5 people on a call so that everyone gets individual time. Group coaching is very powerful because you also learn by hearing the stories from each other and we learn to be heard and truly listen to each other. The calls are recorded and again, available for you to listen to again whenever you need. 


There is a private Facebook Group for all of the sisters on the program to share daily tasks, wins, struggles, questions and to stay engaged and accountable. 


For those that need more accountability, I will be partnering sisters up in pairs to check in on each other so you stay focused and on track (this is optional).


It’s a beautiful blend of course style learning, with the community and accountability that so many seek. The Facebook group will be there after the 8-week program finishes so it’s possible to continue to stay accountable, share and be a part of this Goddess sisterhood for the long term.


Sounds too good to be true right?! I know. It’s a dream and that’s why I created it. I want to support you in your transformation and growth in a way that isn’t available anywhere else


Will you join us?X

In This Program You Will Learn How To:

  • develop absolute clarity on what you want, what you are made of, and how to live your Goddess life.
  • replace your limiting self-beliefs with limitless love beliefs!
  • weaken the inner critic and negative self-talk.
  • be motivated by kindness, gratitude, compassion and not by fear, punishment and feelings of low self-worth.
  • develop rock-solid resilience and spiritual muscles in the process.
  • let go of what no longer serves you to make space for NEW things to come into your life.
  • use Yoga Nidra as a powerful tool of transformation and healing.
  • move through fears and not be paralysed by them.
  • develop a better body image.
  • build integrity trust and strength.

What You Get When You Sign Up:

  • Accountability: daily check-ins with coach and fellow Goddesses
  • 8 Weekly Live Trainings: Each week I give live trainings on the topic (see below for weekly topics) with Q&A at the end.
  • 4 Group Coaching Calls: With no more than 5 people per call for a more intimate experience
  • Private Facebook Community: To share stories, successes, struggles, accountability and bet part of a Goddess Sisterhood.
  • Lifetime Access: to facebook group and course material

What we will cover in our 8 Weeks together:

Module 1: Developing Your Goddess Image

Module 2: Making your Goddess Contract

Module 3: Curate your Goddess world

Module 4: The Stories you tell yourself

Module 5: Weaken the Critic Strengthen The Goddess

Module 6: Building Better Body Image

Module 7: The Magic Mirror and Compassion

Module 8: Building Trust with yourself

When I reached out to Kelley I was feeling anxious and out of control of my own body. I was getting ill often, I would blame myself for not being able to stick to any healthy routine, my self esteem would be going down after every attempt to push myself to do something that my body was simply resisting. 

Now I am much more at peace. I know my limits and do not try to force myself to do anything. I am a much happier person and rediscovered my strength I thought I lost before.

I really loved the support you are getting from someone who has knowledge and experience. Kelley is always there to lift you up, give advice and will protect you from falling into that spiral of self-hating and blaming for not being good enough.She will be your best friend on this journey together.

Magdalena, Berlin

At the end of the last year I felt that I lost the connection to myself and I did not feel comfortable inside my own skin. And that never happened to me before in that worse way..Kelley pushed me to go further and have a look at my past, my presence and my future. What was I thought to, what am I doing right now and what do I want to achieve? So I really had to face up to me, myself and I. And that was good!

I´m really blessed, that I found Kelley and that she shared her big knowledge with me. She always was authentic, open-minded and looked after me in a personalized and individual way. With every meeting I felt that she is loving what she is doing.

With her heartful help I got connected to my inner goddess again and came back to the feeling, that I´m beautiful and loving myself is the key to every success.


I’ve achieved so many goals through Kelley’s coaching program and it’s even hard for me to find out what was the biggest win of all… I feel younger and more fit than before. I feel more connected to my body…My body feels happier and stronger but most importantly, my perception of it has drastically changed. I now look at myself with more love and appreciation for all the care I give it and all the work I’m doing to create positive change into my life. THIS is awesome and I couldn’t have reached this space as fast without Kelley’s amazing support…


I am now in such an interesting place in which I feel very in peace and in control of my needs and goals and I feel like I can look at everything and find a healthy way to get there thanks to how I handle my life day after day.


If you are looking for someone to uplift you in reaching personal goals and learning about healthier and happier relationships to yourself you most definitely should work with Kelley. She is the most authentic and caring coach I’ve came to work with. Kelley has so much ressources and her energy is super inspiring. She makes you feel empowered and gives you so many tools to create the changes you want to achieve in your life.


 I graduated from the programme fully aware I am able to take care of my body and I have the strength to carry on. I will never be a failure again on the path of fitness and health. It is this confidence that I gained from the programme which is empowering for me in the long run.


I see countless inspirational quotes on Instagram telling me to love myself and show up as my Boss Babe self and stick it to the diet industry, but where is the action plan telling me WHAT I need to do and HOW to do it?

We live in a time where we’re told we need to love every part of ourselves and be shameless and brazen in how we live in our body, but when we still feel uncomfortable in our bodies after a few rounds of yoga and writing down some affirmations we feel even MORE shame, that we don’t know how to love ourselves. “But, wasn’t that enough??”

NO, I’m sorry it wasn’t. But it’s not your fault. I was in the exact same position 5 years ago and I had to fight to get to a place of self-compassion, resilience and unshakeable faith and confidence in my body.

I used to live in fear and was ruled by my inner critic, limiting my life and not experiencing joy because of how I felt in my body. I denied huge parts of my being which created conflict and disturbance in my life. But I did the research and did the work and came out the other side. (I STILL do the work by the way, it’s not a one and done job )

Once I overcame the major hurdles and figured out the system, I made it my mission to help other women do what I did and still do, THAT is why I created this program.

I want you to step into your Goddess life, with love, trust and passion.

If you still have questions, you’re unsure if it’s right for you or you need more clarity, message me and let’s talk.



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