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Hello Beautiful…

Are you ready to smash through the barriers holding you back from loving your body and feeling good in your skin?

You are worth living a life you love and having a relationship with your body based on compassion, not punishment. No more fad diets and hours at the gym. No more restriction and binge eating – there is a better way!

Imagine you and your body at its best….

Now, let’s get you there.

Made with Love.


I coach women to build and sustain the fitness, nutrition, and mindset they need to thrive in life and business.

Hi, I’m Kelley, I’m a certified nutrition and fitness coach. My 12 week 1:1 coaching program helps women across the globe make permanent lifestyle changes for their health and happiness. With my personalised guidance and support, these women learn to eat, move, play, focus and relax in a way that works for the life they want to lead.

Do you know what this looks like for you? Book a free coaching call with me and let’s get some clarity on where you’re at and how you can get to where you want to be. Consider this your time to stop doing this alone!

Fitness, nutrition, and mindset coaching will help you disconnect from disempowering thoughts and behaviours:

Choosing not to go somewhere because of the way you look.

Feeling upset when you don't fit a piece of clothing.

Not having the strength to lift a carry-on case over your head.

Feeling bad after eating food.

Struggling to keep up with the energy of your children.

And replace them with thoughts and behaviours that drastically improve your strength, energy, emotions, and relationship with food.

Learn how to love your body and build the habits you need to thrive!

This is not a quick fix or a diet. This is how you leave diet culture, social pressure and whatever else is holding you back and cultivate the lifelong change you deserve instead.

Yes, this for you womxn who feel stuck, overwhelmed and confused

Yes, this is for womxn who think they have tried everything

Yes, this is for womxn who have a lot figured out, but still need the missing pieces to the puzzle

Yes, this is for you. x

There is an easier way  to build a body you love and feel good in your skin.

I will show you how.

Is this you?

  • You hide your body and don’t wear the clothes you love!

  • You’re not having the sex you want because you’re ashamed of your body.

  • You jump from one diet to the next and never see results.

  • You make a new resolution to ‘sort it out’ every week but make no progress.

  • You hate what you see when you look in the mirror and you wish you could just feel good in your skin

  • You feel overwhelmed and confused with all the conflicting information out there.

  • You feel stuck and just wish someone could tell you what you need to do.

  • You are limiting the life you live because of how you feel in your body.

What if you could…

  • Learn what you need to eat to feel good

  • Reach your ideal weight.

  • Never live with restriction again.

  • Love your body and treat her like a best friend.

  • Learn to workout in a way you enjoy.

  • Never compromise on what you wear again.

  • End the binge and diet cycle once and for all.

  • Feel confident in your health and lifestyle choices.

This is all possible.

12 Week 1:1 Coaching Program

My proven system:

Clarity and Awareness

Habit-Based Nutrition

Find the Fun in Fitness

Radical Self Compassion

Presense of Mind

Planning & Consistency

Mindset Shift

Rest and Recovery

Create Lasting Habits

Who is this for?

Women who…

…want to END the fad diet cycle

…want to LOVE the skin their in

…want to feel CONFIDENT in their food choices

…want to understand how to eat to FEEL GOOD

…want to develop CONSISTENCY in their habits

…want to LOVE their body

You need to be…

… ready to take action!

… ready to get reflective

… willing to challenge your norm

… willing to try new things!



This is not for people who…

…want a cookie cutter program

…want exact meal plans

…want to count calories

…want to restrict food groups

…want a quick fix

…are only interested in a 6 pack



Consider me your personal trainer in:

Realising your strength

When you feel strong in your body and mind, you can live a life of passion, vitality, adventure, creativity and fun.

Your body already has the capacity to be strong. But what does that look like for you?

The mobility to play with your kids effortlessly, the physical strength that provides independence, the movement that allows you to adventure with your partner, dance with your friends, be vital during pregnancy and embrace life’s opportunities fully.

Firing up your self love

Have you ever not done something because of your insecurities, especially when it comes to your appearance?

Then it’s time to develop freedom from these constraints and behave towards yourself the way you’d like a good friend or partner to behave towards you.

Your body and mind are how you experience the world. How you treat these things has a profound effect on these experiences. It’s time to make them incredible, liberated and undeniably you.

Looking after yourself

Chasing a number feels nowhere near as good as chasing the feeling when our bodies and minds are running like well-oiled machines.

That’s your motivation. It’s a motivation that already exists in you and it’s a lifelong one, no matter your age and stage. Together, we’ll work through how to be your own best influence.

How to embrace the vital, energetic great days and take care of yourself during the days when your energy, spirits or physicality are low. 

Taking back your energy

Take a second to calculate how much time and energy you’ve spent throughout your life worrying about your looks and body.  Imagine if you could take that time and the mental fatigue that comes with it and channel it towards things that make you feel good.

Learning how to rest and recuperate when you need it instead of putting others first. Learning how to listen to yourself and develop techniques for stress management. Developing health goals that give you vitality, energy and connection. 

Finding what bliss means to you

This isn’t a retreat in how to become the most zen version of yourself. This is discovering how to become the most multi-faceted version of yourself.

Sometimes that’s calm, but sometimes it’s also knowing how to feel fired up. It’s about personal growth in your work and personal life, but it’s also about being playful and silly, in whatever way that means to you.

It’s about being expansive enough to reach the very edges of yourself and feeling comfortable and joyful with what you find.

When was the last time you felt like that? Have you ever felt like that? 

Let me show you how – get started today!

What’s included?

Private Facebook Community  where I’m available for ongoing support, live trainings, where you can share with other women, be heard and supported.

1:1 Coaching Calls 12 sessions of 30mins each, just you and me

Personalised Workout Program built PT Distinction

Ongoing Resources worksheets, video trainings, planning tools, recipe library

Habit-based Nutrition Coaching we don’t count calories, we use the Precision Nutrition hand portion method, supplements cheat sheet, 

Daily Access to me I reply to messages at set times each day for questions and updates

Self Reflection Prompts On going prompts for journaling, check-in’s and reflective tasks

Home workout Videos pre-recorded by me for you.

12 Week 1:1 Coaching Program

What makes you feel good!

What if you could make movement consistently a part of your life, eat without obsessing, and have sex feeling truly liberated and positive about your body?

Over the course of 90 days, we’ll define and engineer what feeling good is to you.

  • What do you value? This isn’t one-size fits all. For some clients it’s being able to keep up with their kids, for others it’s fearlessly strutting your stuff in a bikini. This is dedicated time just for you to find out what matters to you. Noone else.
  • Set priorities and goals. Forget goals that restrict your life. We will figure out goals that reflect your expansiveness as a woman. This isn’t always easy. Through self-reflection exercises and coaching calls, we’ll work through the trade-offs and find a lasting feel-good compromise.
  • Data collection and analysis. Understanding your lifestyle is essential to make change. Body Bliss data collection isn’t about obsessively counting calories. I’ll provide ways for you to track what’s going on beyond just numbers. Then, we’ll analyse those routines and challenge the behaviours and beliefs that sit behind them. 

The toolkit to get there.

We’re going to need to create a map and a toolkit to get you to where you need to go. You will go off course at times and this set of tools and exercises works.

Eat. Sleep. Make good choices + repeat.

How many times have you made a resolution with yourself to get back in shape and cut the bad habits?

In this program, we focus on ways to make it sustainable.

Throughout the program, you’ll receive:

  • Guided reflection. Using our coaching calls and other exercises to figure out what you actually want to be a long-lasting choice.
  • Regular accountability. This isn’t a boot camp. My style of accountability involves helping you figure out what is holding you back, whether it’s mindset, lifestyle barriers or something else.
  • Positive Facebook community – Join a tribe of women who use the Body Bliss VIP Facebook group as a safe space to share struggles, insights, advice and ask all kinds of questions.
  • Constant support and guidance. Every one of my clients is different and requires a different type of support. We’ll find out what you need, just know that it will be there always.


I just achieved the biggest growth of my life and I feel so proud. This coaching was way more effective for me than any psychotherapy work. It’s not a usual fitness coaching, it is way more than that. Kelley is an amazing listener and motivational guid, she’s generous and as an empowered woman herself, she helps women to empower themselves. 

I did try to jump back alone into working out — after a few months I was depressed because of no results and not seeing what to do better. 

Kelley’s approach is very special. I learned so much during the 3 past months and the coaching went way further than I thought it would. I thought I just wanted to get fitter and stronger. I do enter back in my jeans that were too small 3 months ago (YES!) but got also a special additional bonus : my whole life got realigned. Working on my body, my nutrition and my mindset all together gave me back strength and confidence. They were the perfect examples to show me that I can achieve everything I want and it allowed myself to trust it. I discovered how I can feel empowered by acting as a team with my body, had a complete shift in terms of my priorities and see now a new path of self-care and self-coaching that I never saw before. 

I always felt supported (lovely community that support each other and weekly calls with Kelley), I found back a sense of self-care, I learned a lot (about nutrition, working out, my mindset and basically myself), I had amazing little gifts (I don’t tell you but they are amazing), and I had the chance to live in Berlin and go to every one of Kelley’s classes I wanted (if you live somewhere else you get the best adapted workout coaching anyway). Little tasks and challenges made me feel like a superhero and I got a lot of fun. 

It feels huge. Inspiring. Empowering. To everyone who reads this testimonial — this is the ideal coaching, you won’t regret it, just do it.”

– Josephine, Berlin



I have basically changed my life with the help of Kelleys coaching, because this coaching has changed ME.


I have developed a workout routine that I enjoy and vary on my own now. I have formed my diet and habits around eating and drinking to what my body needs with the new workout routine. But most importantly, this coaching has helped me on a mindset and emotional level. With new gained trust and techniques that helped me step out of my comfort zone and into uncertain but exciting territory, I have quit my job and started my own company that I had been dreaming of for 5 years and I am as happy as I havent been in many years. 


When I started thinking about the coaching I was employed in a very demanding and sometimes emotionally exhausting work in a corporate company. I have never really been able to stick to a workout routine because I tended to lose interest quickly if the exercise is not fun or too long or too much of the same. I knew that I had some beliefs around my body e.g. how in my family nobody is an athlete and a pretty fixed mindset around certain areas of my personal life, that I was not happy with. I had met Kelley through her fitness and yoga classes and I realized that I was looking forward to her Tuesday evening Yoga Nidra classes and it was the first ever class routine I was able to stick to, because I just loved the vibe that this extraordinary woman brought into each and every class. So I scheduled a 45min call with her and we immediately touched some of the difficult topics and mindsets and beliefs that stood in my way. 


In the coaching, I particularly liked the way of working with Kelley. In the weekly calls, she was very efficient in asking the exact right questions to push you into a “growth direction”. We reviewed and adapted the workout plan and my diet suggestions according to the progress I made. I have had enough time and material to dig into certain topics and try out new forms of movement. Everything was documented and kept track of. Kelley would answer all my questions at any time via Whatsapp and always give me more self-study material when I asked her for it. Even though my “emotional journey” was not the center of this coaching and Kelley is not a therapist, she gave me very valuable input and helped me define and express my boundaries and feel and think about many things in a new way.


Overall, I would say: Save yourself some years of therapy and/or personal training and/or nutrition coaching costs and take this journey with Kelley, it is DEFINITELY worth every cent.

– Mary, Berlin

I came across Kelley’s 5 day trial program by accident but Kelley’s approach really appealed to me. I was at a point in my life where I had tried everything to lose weight and it was making me truly miserable because it was my sole focus.

Kelley’s approach is one of no pressure but her technique really does make you self reflect and help you come up with your own ideas and solutions.

Following the 5 day trial I decided to follow 12 weeks with Kelley and I truly learnt things about myself that I didn’t know, sometimes this was very emotional and often uplifting. I was able to really start to focus less on weight loss and focus more on health and achieving small goals which in turn built my confidence.

During this time I started to feel more like myself, I gained confidence at work and in my friendships and I started to sew again after not doing so for over 15 years. Kelley is a genuine authentic soul and clearly does this because she cares, she has an infectious delightful energy and she is a pleasure. She always puts her clients first and her approach rocks.


K. Brown

I’ve achieved so many goals through Kelley’s coaching program and its even hard for me to find out what was the biggest win of all. The most apparent win for me today was definitely developing a healthier relationship to cooking and nutrition in general. I understood that having greater knowledge about nutrition made me more aware of my previous habits and how to change them into healthier ones while boosting my overall energy. I now eat in a way that supports me and my daily goals. I have been experimenting much more and became more curious about learning about my guts. This whole side of the coaching brought me an immense feeling of peace and growth towards myself. I moreover can see it on my skin and hair, I feel younger and more fit than before. I feel more connected to my body. I also grew a better relationship to my workout and thanks to Kelley’s help finally found the FUN in going to the gym or exercising from home. My body feels happier and stronger but most importantly, my perception of it has drastically changed. I now look at myself with more love and appreciation for all the care I give it and all the work I’m doing to create positive change into my life. THIS is awesome and I couldn’t have reached this space as fast without Kelley’s amazing support.
Before working with you, I was in a state of stagnation on many levels. I was trying to “fix” my nutrition, exercising, scheduling, meditation practice… all at once with very little ideas of where to start. Even though I have known a lot about these subjects,
I needed some basic level introduction to all of these in order to think of them with less clutter and more clarity. I had so many projects on a professional level I wanted to start but I felt so slowed down by my lifestyle and those ideas were maybe 2 years old and hadn’t been able to be created.
I am now in such an interesting place in which I feel very in peace and in control of my needs and goals and I feel like I can look at everything and find a healthy way to get there thanks to how I handle my life day after day. A lot of things are happening now that I have figured out how to schedule my days, how to eat properly, how to move and how to STOP doing anything when I need to recharge. This was for me the most important lesson. Learning to accept when one needs to let go or relax, take a break when the mind, the heart or the body needs it.
I love how interactive the coaching was. Between the mails, the online community and the one-on-one coaching calls with Kelley, I never felt alone in my process and I loved having milestones to reach as well as very interesting writing exercices where I was journalling on important topics which truly allowed me to grow and reflect on how to bring change into my life.
If you are looking for someone to uplift you in reaching personal goals and learning about healthier and happier relationships to yourself you most definitely should work with Kelley. She is the most authentic and caring coach I’ve came to work with. Kelley has so much ressources and her energy is super inspiring. She makes you feel empowered and gives you so many tools to create the changes you want to achieve in your life.
– Juliette, Denmark

Kelley has been amazing and she has helped me to learn how to relax. She introduced me to yoga nidra which has improved my sleep and it is my biggest win to sleep 8hours straight. I love how Kelley has helped me constantly break down my big goals, reflect and forgive myself when things are out of my control. I would recommend Kelley to everyone and trust her advice to help you move forward. Thank you Kelley for everything xxx

– A.Z, London

I can confidently say that after our work together with Kelley I am much more connected with my body, I know how to plan my meals, how to plan my physical activities and another super important thing – when to let go and give myself a break 🙂 

When I reached out to Kelley I was feeling anxious and out of control of my own body. I was getting ill often, I would blame myself for not being able to stick to any healthy routine, my self esteem would be going down after every attempt to push myself to do something that my body was simply resisting. 

Now I am much more at peace. I know my limits and do not try to force myself to do anything. I am a much happier person and rediscovered my strength I thought I lost before.

I really loved the support you are getting from someone who has knowledge and experience. Kelley is always there to lift you up, give advice and will protect you from falling into that spiral of self-hating and blaming for not being good enough.She will be your best friend on this journey together. 

Magdalena  – Berlin

Kelley is such a positive influence in my life. She is not just a mere fitness coach that tells you you need to do x amount of sports plus y amount of food that leads to ideal weight. She helps us change our mindset, which is the most important part, otherwise the weight will always bounce back. She acknowledges that we are all humans. She shares ways to build a healthy lifestyle, help us love being healthy and love ourselves. She is very informative when I come to her about any trouble or enquiries towards specific diet or fitness goals. I look forward to our calls every week, as she motivates me to be a better self and lift up my mood. I graduated from the programme fully aware I am able to take care of my body and I have the strength to carry on. I will never be a failure again on the path of fitness and health. It is this confidence that I gained from the programme which is empowering for me in the long run.”

– Katie, Hong Kong

“Within a couple of weeks, the Mind Body Bliss coaching program had overhauled bad habits and attitudes that had diminished my health and self for many years. Kelley is genuinely invested in her clients’ success, and incredibly generous with her support – both with the professional expertise that frames the program, and with the patience and personal understanding she offers in the one-on-one sessions and to all in the online community. It gave me the confidence and knowledge about fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness I need to look after myself.”

– Celia, Berlin

” Kelley is such an amazing fitness professional and an amazing human! I reached out to her in December hoping that I would become fitter and stronger by summer – and I got so much more than that. She truly listens to me and my body, taking into account my limits and encouraging me to see my own potential. We’ve been working together for 4 months now and I have not only become much more confident in my body and its capabilities, but also realized I can actually really, really enjoy working out! I am a person with a long history of eating disorders and a life-long asthma, and all the changes I managed to make happen thanks to Kelley and her guidance and support are an amazing achievement. Every week I am looking forward to our next meeting – and I have never ever thought I would say such words about a personal trainer:)”

– Magda, Berlin

” Kelley transformed my whole approach & attitude towards my health and well being. During the months I spent working with Kelley, I became the person I had always dreamed of. Through her holistic approach I not only learned about my body and how to work with it, rather than against it, I also learned to love my body more & to care for it by nourishing it, moving it, slowing it down when needs be and working to get the best out of it. There are so many things Kelley taught me that I have adopted for life. You won’t ever regret having a session with this wonderful human as she’s a ball of pure positivity & energy that brightens the darkest Berlin days!”

– Aisling, Berlin

“Kelley helped me build the strength, mobility and confidence I needed to go after my lifelong dream of learning how to surf. By introducing me to her unique mix of ashtanga and interval training she has set me on a path that leaves me stronger day by day.

Kelley is the best ally you can possibly have: As a true teacher, she is not afraid to share her knowledge and experience and will make your progress her mission. Not only will you feel great, you will also learn something new about your body every time you trained with her. She also inspired me to be more open to new experiences and to allow myself to go after the things that truly make me happy.”

– Susanne, Berlin

“I came to Kelley wanting to get fit and lose weight. Kelley supported my goals with zero judgement but she also helped me change the way I think and feel about nutrition and exercise. With Kelley, I sweat, I stretch, I get strong, I get fit, but I also get help with the mental barriers that cause so many of us to have negative relationships with our bodies. I feel better than I have with any other personal trainer because every session is so personalised to me as a person (not just a body) and Kelley always give so much. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her heart is huge. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about exercise and nutrition, she’s motivated me to do what feels good for my body. She makes me laugh, she’s open and kind, and her insight and wisdom make me feel comfortable to open up myself. Basically she’s an all around badass who makes everyone around her feel amazing – and everyone needs a person like that in their lives!”

– Lizzy, Berlin

“Exercise and healthy eating has always been a struggle for me. When I first met Kelley I was binge eating daily and suffering from body dysmorphia.

Kelley has been so understanding and patient with me from the start and through sharing her own experiences has made me feel less alone. It has been really helpful knowing that even she, who’s so positive and fit, struggles with these issues and shows how it’s something you have to work hard at every day.

She is always patient and without judgement, but she’ll give you some ‘tough love’ when you need it. She helped me gain the confidence to exercise by myself and has shown me how enjoyable it can be. I highly recommend anyone to work with Kelley. She has such a beautiful soul and is a delight to be around.”

– Flo, Berlin

“I appreciated that you always took the time to listen and respond in a way that suited my mood or abilities that particular day. (since our training) I try to do more incidental exercise and be aware of my body/movement, also hello I have quit alcohol!..

I try to be forgiving of myself when I have a bad day and embrace my body the way it is…while I was training with you though I felt strong and capable and like I was doing something good for myself physically and mentally…

As someone who suffers from depression I think the effect on my mental health was probably the most obvious influence and the strengthening of my body was like the added bonus…You’re a very positive and motivating person. You can really see your resilience and it feels like you actually care about your clients mentally as well as wanting them to grow and achieve physically.”

– Madeleine, Berlin

“I’m really happy with the changes that I’ve managed to achieve with her help. Her enthusiastic yet gentle manner and her own story and holistic approach to embrace movement as part of our lives and not just something that needs to be done are very inspiring and motivating to me. Since working with her I’ve integrated a lot more of this in my own daily life and I feel so much better for it. I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Kelley to absolutely anyone. She will find something to suit you!”

– Kerstin, Berlin

“Kelley helped me to see where I needed to make some adjustments with my eating ,training and lifestyle in general – how to workout more efficiently, when to rest and eat depending on my hormones and body’s needs etc. We are so bombarded with ideas of ‘health and fitness’ that we lose sight and become detached from our own body and how it works.

Having Kelley guide you in connecting with your body in a positive way makes such a difference – physically and mentally. She gives you time and understanding unique to you, a really holistic experience ? “

– Cerian, Wales

“I absolutely LOVE working with Kelley. She is highly professional, very knowledgeable, dedicated, passionate, but most importantly funny, compassionate and body-loving-positive.

I did the 5 day challenge with her and learned a lot about how to pre-cook, portion, vary and balance my food, without forgetting to enjoy it.

I can absolutely recommend her coaching!”

– Mary, Berlin

” Kelley is an inspiring and motivating coach!
Her energy and positivity is absolutely wonderful AND infectious!
On top of that she absolutely KNOWS her stuff and has a great way of guiding trough her courses/workshops/challenges/coaching.
I did the feel-good-food-challenge with her in August and even in those 5 days, I became aware of so many patterns and behaviors which enabled me to gain a different perspective on the way I nourish and take care of myself.
Thank you for your work, your openness and for pouring your heart into the awesome work you do!”

-Vera, Berlin

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Body Bliss Coaching?

This is a lifestyle changing convenient habit-based, completely online, nutrition, fitness and mindset coaching program. It’s designed to totally transform your habits, lifestyle and the mindset behind your choices and decisions so that you can thrive in life.

What is coaching?

Coaching supports a person at every level in becoming who they want to be. The process builds awareness, empowers choice and leads to change. 

How long is the coaching program?

It is 12 weeks of support, community and accountability!

How do I know if this is right for me?

You are sick of going around in circles and feeling like you never get anywhere.

You are ready to take control of your health and fitness and invest in yourself to get lasting, long term sustainable results.

How much is the investment?

This is an investment into your long term well being and health. What you learn in this course you take with you for the rest of your life.

 I offer a discounted rate  when you pay in full. There are other discounts and payment plan options, depending on your needs – so let’s get on the phone and discuss. We can find a way to work together.

Will I lose weight?

This is not a weight loss program. We do not measure your weight as part of the program. Some people decide to take photos to see if their body composition changes, but this is your choice. My coaching is about health and balance, loving your body, getting strong and eating nutritious food. These habits can absolutely lead to you losing body fat and building muscle. But weight loss is never the primary goal – unless you have very specific health concerns.

I’m vegan/veggie, is this a problem?

Not a problem at all. My nutritional concepts are compatible with both vegan and veggie diets. I do not adhere to or promote any one way of eating. This program is all about creating a lifestyle that has your choices as the backbone. 

Do I get meal plans?

No, I don’t provide meal plans. We work to empower you to plan, prep and enjoy food and not follow cookie-cutter programs. I give you concepts for planning, prepping and share recipes and the nutritional concepts you need to thrive and build confidence.

How do I sign up?

Book your free coaching call and let’s talk!

I don’t have access to the gym

That’s fine. There are plenty of home workout options.

I haven’t done any exercise before, does this matter?

Not a problem. We can work from where you are and take you step by step from 0 – feeling fit, confident and strong.

I have a busy job, can I still do the program?

Absolutely. Most of my clients are busy, highly motivated working women. We make a plan that fits your lifestyle and circumstances. We always work within your context and aim to seamlessly fit what we are learning into your existing situation so that you can do it with no added stress.

How often do we get to talk?

We have official weekly ZOOM video check-ins that last 30 mins. I am also available through the Facebook community and Messenger daily for little things that cannot wait until the next call.

Is 30 mins enough for talking?

Yes. Before the weekly call you fill in a check-in form that allows us to come to the call prepared and focused. I have already had the time to review your week and consider the next steps and you have already had the time to reflect and consider what you want to discuss so we can make the most out of the call.

How personalised is it?

Completely. What we do is very much based around what you think is right, and where you want to go. I do not enforce any pre-made plans on you. We discuss together what is the best course of action to get you to where you want to go. I help you break down your goals into manageable bite-size steps and keep you accountable the entire way, supplementing you with the necessary information you need to succeed along the way.

Do I ever get to meet you?

If you live in Berlin you are welcome to join any of my weekly classes free of charge. But other than that the coaching is all remote and done online.

Do I need Facebook to do the coaching?

No. I have some clients who do not use Facebook. But you will miss access to the lives and community which is a rich and motivational aspect of the coaching. I try my best to copy as much from the group and send to you, should you wish not to use Facebook.

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