Feel Good Food & Fitness

12 Week 1:1 coaching program

For womxn who are ready to end the diet and fitness battle once and for all and make lasting change.


Not currently taking on new clients.

Coaching For Leaders

1:1 Coaching Program

Coaching for femtech leaders that enables you to live, think, move, and feel

more expansively, more compassionately, and be of better service to others.

Mindfulness-based health coaching and lifestyle management

Bendy, Strong & Glorious

Self-paced online classes

Embrace your body with a 15-week home on-demand workout that goes at your pace – no experience or equipment needed!

PROJECT: Goddess

8 Week Group Coaching Program

If you need to develop a rock-solid foundation of self-love and gain clarity on your vision, goals, and values take a look at…

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