Yoga for Plantar Fasciitis : Article

Yoga for Plantar Fasciitis : Article

“Plantar fasciitis, a painful inflammation or micro-tearing of the soft tissue or fascia along the arch of the foot, is quite common.

The following tips will help you refine the positioning of your feet and knees in some common yoga poses. Practice these refinements in a standing position at the top of your yoga mat, ideally in front of a mirror. ”


Check out the full article here

Baby it's cold outside

Baby it's cold outside

Kälte Hilfe is German for Cold Help and boy does it get cold here in Berlin in the winter months. I’m already wearing three pairs of socks and and makeshift hat-scarf combos.

There are initiatives to get support to the people who need it in these colder months and one of them is KÄLTEHILFE.There is a cold bus that goes and collects people through the night that cannot make it to emergency housing themselves and there are also services that offer a hot meal and medical treatment. Things we often take for granted.

If you are here in Berlin they, and many other organisations are looking for volunteers.

You can also donate to help them run the services – more information can be found here – it’s in German, but translate works just fine 🙂

The Proper Way To Take a Probiotic And The Mistakes That Are Wasting Your Money"

The Proper Way To Take a Probiotic And The Mistakes That Are Wasting Your Money"

Really interesting article about probiotics and reintroduction into the diet.
Read in full here

” Your intestinal tract is a long tube filled with a lining made up of good and bad bacteria. This bacteria alone weighs three pounds, the same weight as a brick. If you spread it out flat, it would cover a tennis court. When the good bacteria is killed off from antibiotics (against life), birth control pills, GMOs, pesticides, and other damaging elements, it must be rebuilt through probiotics (for life).

Probiotic foods, such as fermented coconut water, sauerkraut, kraut juice, kefir, kombucha, yogurt, kim chi, etc. are easy to make. The biggest challenge is your own fear. In his book Wild Fermentation, Sandor Katz says there is no danger in fermenting fruits and vegetables. Most importantly there has never been a reported death to the FDA from fermented fruit and vegetable products. Fermented fish and meats are different and are susceptible to botulism.”
Read in full here

The Adrenal Body Type

The Adrenal Body Type

What are you taking about? I hear you ask.  Well, I work with people whose adrenals are messed up and exercise alone isn’t going to help getting rid of that belly fat. It is more than exercise and sometimes, exercise can stress the body even more.

“When your body can’t handle stress, it creates an increase of the hormone, cortisol. The nature of Cortisol is to help you survive and handle stress. Excess cortisol causes belly fat because “Fat” to the body, is “potential energy.” Belly fat accumulates as energy “reserves”. Your body works in this cycle: the more stress, the more cortisol, the more energy reserves. This results in more fat storage. You have the most challenging body type because of this imbalance.”

This video is a really good introduction to understanding what the adrenal body type is.

Although I don’t have the physical characteristics, I have the personality characteristics and use some of the recommendations in here for keeping me feeling good. Give it a watch and ignore the product placement at the end 🙂






Drawing the bow – Dropping the heels

Drawing the bow – Dropping the heels

As a personal trainer it’s important to continue to be a student. If I stopped learning and developing my own practice, I believe I would cease to be any good at my job. In the past 7 days I have been teaching less, because I’ve been in London, but learning more. I got a month pass to a yoga studio and have been making my way through the classes I have time to get to and loving it. I am SO happy to be a student in a classroom and to learn new things; and there is so much to learn.


On Saturday I did Qi Gong for the first time. Out of fascination with the name and because I’ve seen a book called Qi Gong fever on my brother’s book shelf for years and always made a note in my head to look at it, but never did. So, when I saw Qi Gong on the studio schedule I got excited to see what it was and booked in. Told my friend and was swiftly told that its Chi gung not Kee Gong 🙂

It’s an ancient, almost 3,000 year old, system of healing from China rooted in Taoism. It gets the fluids moving through the body and stimulates the organs. It claims to ease stress, strengthen the nerves and improve vascular function. What’s not to like. It is also said to loosen the muscles and build power, which I feel in need of as I might overdo the strength and intensive yoga and feel the need to balance it out with something different. This could be it for me.

I had no idea what to expect though and felt nervous – my brain was whispering “what if I can’t do it?”  “maybe you shouldn’t go” Not a feeling I have very often, but lately I have been pushing myself out of the comfort zone less and less as I’ve become busier and busier.

When I first moved to Berlin I was doing new classes all the time and there was a point when I first got my Urban Sports Card and set up You Me Body Bliss that I had a rule to try a new class at least once a month (this resulted in both pole dancing and Brazilian Ju Jitsu related injuries), but I have been so busy that this rule fell by the wayside. Until this week, I got back in it and have done 3 new classes (I’ll write about the others soon).


I was surprised by how much effect the movements had on my body. It’s not that they were small, simple or easy, it wasn’t yoga and I was sceptical. It wasn’t so anatomically aligned and concentrated on muscle groups like yoga can be and so honestly I just didn’t think it would be ‘all that’. But once I got into it I remembered of course it’s not yoga, it doesn’t have to be, there are other completely amazing and valuable traditions of mind matter and movement out there that are good for you! I just have my thing and tend to do that because I love it. Somewhat blinkered eyes.  But it really did something for me – I really loved it.


The one clear similarity and something that I really felt familiar with was the attention to breath and the instruction to match the flow of movement to the breath. I felt myself completely connected to my new movement sequences, breathing and concentrating deeply. I found the flow state I so often seek in life and I loved it. I hadn’t expected to.


The movement sequence was called the 8 brocades and our wonderful teacher Tom Watson at Triyoga clearly and confidently took us through the sequence and gave us theory throughout the class. It was a perfect balance of practice and knowledge for the beginner like me.


When we did ‘Drawing the Bow’ I felt a pull across my chest and through the middle of my arm that I haven’t felt in a long time. The ‘lifting the heels’ left me invigorated and I wanted to keep on dropping my heels back down onto the floor, so ‘simple’ and so satisfying. It reminded me of a video I saw about an Osho yoga practitioner who said it was an arousing thing, to stomp the heels down into the floor and it had stuck in my mind.


At times I felt like a ballerina with graceful movements and long limbs, pulling and stretching and softly floating lines in the air. But it wasn’t easy. I had waves of heat, at one point I felt nauseous just turning my head left to right as we swung our arms at the start. Perhaps it was my stagnated chi? I don’t know what but it jostled my system.


Since the class I’ve woken up and gone through the sequence again and when I woke up this morning I did it instead of my sun salutations which I decided to leave until later. I felt peaceful in the movements and it seemed like a good pre yoga warm up, meditative alignment. I will continue for a while to do it first thing and my yoga afterwards and see how it goes.


My morning ritual is ever evolving and this new addition is exciting.


I hope I will get a chance to do another class before I go, otherwise I will find one back in Berlin.


Do give it a go if you can! Try something new, let the body move in new ways and keep an open mind.


Find out about Qi Gong and it’s history here

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