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5 Day Feel Good Food Challenge

Follow this step-by-step program to go from stressed out dieter to confident foodie in just 5 days!

You’ll Discover…


→ How to end the cycle of yo-yo dieting

→ How to achieve your goals without restriction

→ How to build sustainable food habits

→ How to stop binge eating & find food freedom

→ How to eat what you love and never go without

… so that you can look and feel incredible.

Mark Your Calendars

Kick-Off Day Friday Oct 25th

About Me


I am a Nutrition and Fitness Coach on a mission!

I empower women to find ultimate body confidence without stress, confusion or restriction so they can love a life they love.

I believe we are incredibly strong and resilient and can all tap into our potential for change and growth. No one is excluded – transformation is possible for everyone.

I have lived with disordered eating and addiction and have now found freedom from these restrictive, destructive patterns.

I have struggled with my body, overcome many obstacles and built a life I love and I help other women do the same.

Everything I do is made with love.x

5 Day Feel Good Food Challenge



What do People Say About Kelley and Her Classes and Coaching…

Kelley is dedicated, organised and passionate. Her positivity is infectious and you have the sense that she truly cares about her clients. Her approach is body positive and very different from typical diet culture stuff that can do more harm than good. She promotes a healthy relationship with food and movement rather than promoting weight loss or a “good” and “bad” dichotomy. 5 stars, A++ ✔️

Maddie Duke


I did Kelleys 5 day food challlenge, it was so great. She supplied really thorough information on nutrition, answered all the questions, and as always was an infectious possitive energy. The program was very personalisable, she obviously loves what she does and truely cares about the people she works with. As well created a very comfortable environment to commincate with other people on the week long program, encouraging a network of support. Really recommend her for nutrition and movement coaching. X

Jo Jo Stone


I have done 5-day challenge with Kelley Griffiths, and it was such an eye-opener regarding the food we take a daily basis. I totally love her spirit and how engaged she was on the group. I totally loved the nidra lessons she has given and the information on how to balance eat is just amazing. Totally recommend her.

It‘s really outstanding how uplifting it was to work with Kelley during the 5 day challenge. At any time, she is ready to answer questions, creating a safe and non-judgemental space to speak openly. I learned a lot from her profound knowledge about nutrition. She also enabled me to have a clear look at myself, my patterns, and habits. What I take with is clearly a calmer, more mindful relationship with food and a richer scale of nourishments that makes my life freer. Kelley really managed to make the effort fun. That women is wonderfully gifted and I highly recommend her coaching.

Ellen Maria Martin


I cannot recommend the 5 day challenge enough!!! in such a short space of time I realised so much and things really fell into place. Kelley is so motivating and so positive its impossible to not get on board. If you need a bit of focus but also freedom then she is the answer xxx

Carly McGrain 

I have taken part in the 5 day challenge and can not recommend this enough. If you are struggling to get into the right head space and focus on your health and fitness, this really is for you. Kelley is the most positive, enthusiastic but down to earth person I have came across in the fitness industry; having worked in a gym for nearly 8 years and been a member of gyms for over 15 years I think it’s fair to say that I have came across a few. Kelley encourages you through the 5 days, offering advice and assistance whenever you need it. The group environment ensures that you stay engaged and makes sure that you stay on track. It’s refreshing to meet someone who truly cares about others. I am so glad that I took part in the 5 day challenge and met Kelley.

Rebecca Lake

Kelley is so motivating, lovely and understanding. She does really consider your life’s reality and is very engaged to find doable ways with you. She gives you ideas and skills that can change a lot. Also she is such a warmhearted person and it is fun to work with her, what is really motivating. I love her trainings, and she already helped me to eat more mindfully and cook again healthy meals. I can absolutely recommend to work with her!

Natalie Corax


Just did a 5 day challenge that Kelley created with a large group of amazing women. Kelley really knows how to create such a warm, supportive atmosphere and she’s super engaged! She puts so much time and thought into answering questions. I feel great having just completed the challenge and it’s helped reframe my relationship with eating. Thanks Kelley!

Lizzy Campbell


Absolute brilliant challenge to give you the focus and kickstart that you need. so much more than guidance, it’s a full supportive community that focuses on mindset change above all else which I believe is the key.
Very thankful for this challenge.

Jodie Price 
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