About Me

I am not your normal personal trainer. This isn’t about getting a six pack or a bubble butt and quite frankly I don’t care how many press-ups you can do or if you can dead lift a cow. I care how you feel.

I believe that to have a beautiful body a person has to feel beautiful in their body.

And I believe that YOU can feel beautiful.

I also believe that deep down in there somewhere, no matter what your mind is saying to you and how you feel right now, rolling your eyes at me or not, you know this is true.

I don’t think you really believe hundreds of hours in the gym lifting heavy weights and running up and down stairs is going to change how you feel inside; Or that by getting the right pair of jeans or make-up collection you’re somehow going to change the way you feel when you look in the mirror.

You also probably know that there is more to life than trying to keep up with the latest fitness trend, counting calories and tracking how many steps you’ve done.

Maybe you don’t quite believe it right now, but you can change the way you feel in your body and learn to love it, adore it and walk around feeling beautiful.

You can find the joy in fitness and learn to make movement part of your lifestyle and not just a chore to be done. And you can build strength, flexibility and stamina both mentally and physically. It might be hard to imagine this is possible, but I know it is.

Sometimes life is hard, we cry, we lose things, we love and circumstances change and with it our priorities might have to, but we do not have to fall apart.

You can learn to be resilient and develop a toolbox of skills to move through life with so you can maintain the best version of yourself that you can; to feel as good as possible, as often as possible.

This IS possible.

You can join me and the many other people who are on this journey if you want to.

You can come exactly as you are right now and we will find a way to work together.

Welcome – please have a look around, ask questions and share your thoughts.

Made with Love, by Kelley x