Business Yoga & Fitness

Yoga, Fitness, Meditation and more…

We come to your office, and use the space you already have, to offer wellness sessions designed to enrich office culture.

Each class is tailored to the needs of your employees and the limitations of the space and time you have. We are flexible and able to adapt our classes to you.



Stretch and Refresh: (30-45 mins)

bring some life back into those tired legs, stiff shoulders, slouched back and clear your head. Chair and standing-based yoga moves and some tension releasing movement followed by a short meditation for mental clarity.

No Sweat Yoga: (45-90 mins)

No need for fitness clothes or to change. It is slow, restorative, calming we concentrate on breathing, balance and body awareness.

Body Fitness Flow:  (45-60 mins)

We warm-up, do some lo-impact intervals then do some basic body weight training moves strengthening and invigorating for the body.

Mindfulness: (45-90 mins)

Stress reduction and mental clarity through meditation techniques such as breath work, visualizations and body awareness.

Unwind and De-stress: (45-90 mins)

Movement & Meditation Mix



We are highly dependable and can offer one off sessions or regular sessions that fit to your schedule.

Classes are run by myself (Kelley of You Me Body Bliss) or another trained and certified professional in my personal network depending on the class you want- all in agreement with you and you needs.

DID YOU KNOW? 500euro per employee per year is tax deductible : see here

Custom Programs and Workshops available on request.

Give Personal Fitness as a gift to your employees.


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Photo by Annie Spratt