What's in your soup? Not NAIL WIZARDS

Probably not bone broth, gelatin rich soupy collagen goodness either. No bone based soup – not anymore – that died with my Grandma, but the health benefits of bone broth, gelatin, collagen, liquid protein, is making a comeback. Paleo people have been banging on about it for years already. It was a wave in the alternative health scene a while back that seemed to peak and peeter out. So let’s recap.

I bring this up now because my memory is pretty shoddy at times and it’s only when my bike breaks under my butt cycling to work that I remember I was meant to get it checked and fixed, when my card doesn’t work I remember I didn’t deposit my cash, when my nails start cracking and breaking I remember I haven’t been getting my gelly gelatin in.

If you want to fix brittle nails – first, eat gelatin.

“Forty-three of fifty patients with brittle nails who ingested gelatin daily for three months showed improvement in their nail structure.”  Gelatin use study

6 weeks ago my nails were flaking away (like they did the whole time I was a vegan) and I was dismayed and like holy shit how is this happening again, I thought I had this nailed 😉 and spend 2 days cutting them shorter and shorter, watching them bleed cause they crack up into the fleshy bit and want to cry a bit cause – wtf – how did I slide back into brittle finger lane – and then, days of confusion later I have a brain alert that goes “OI, your collagen powder ran out and you didn’t get anymore and haven’t been making bone broth – course your nails and weak – you forgot to keep doing that thing you were doing that was working – do it” And then I remember, oh yeah. That works, I know that works.

If you want the general gist of why you should consider getting this anti-inflammatory elixir into your routine for more reasons than just nails then check out this article that explains it quite well from www.paleoleap.com

photos of Collagen powder and beef bone broth care of my Mother Kim

@paleo4one (Instagram)

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