What I love.

I love my clients truly madly deeply. They work hard, open up, sweat, cry, laugh, shake, jiggle and challenge themselves.

I am so proud to know them and get to know their passions, loves, lives and get an insight into how they became who they are by listening to their stories and sharing time together.

I love waking up and getting ready to spend my day cycling around to see them all – I find joy in my work and I never thought that would happen for me. Sometimes the days are tough and all we can do is roll on the floor or drink a coffee in the sun, sometimes we push and push and sweat and pant and sometimes we pretend we’re ships in the mist howling out fog horns with our resistance bands on. Sometimes it’s a hug, sometimes just to get the moan out of the system. The results aren’t always six packs – it can be some lightness when the world is feeling heavy, a reminder of why we should be kind to ourselves, a nudge when you start to fall back into bad habits and a high five when you overcome challenges and meet goals.

This isn’t a bootcamp, this isn’t a military weight loss program. This is human to human, helping supporting, sharing, caring and encouraging. Being there and helping clear the leaves from the path that can be so hard to see sometimes.

Love . Movement . Compassion . Bitches . x

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