Last night I watched a documentary about the banana (link below). Yes, I can’t even remember what sequence of events led me there, but it happened and I was quite shocked at the history of the banana trade, when really I think I should have expected it. Perhaps that why I watched

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it, subconsciously I knew I needed to clean up that area of my consumption and take the time to look at the ethical implications of my bananaddiction.

(As you can see below sometimes I have to get my friends to feed them to me in my cage Blaze Tarsha) I eat a lot of them, try and buy the ‘best’ I can, but only out of habit and not an understanding of why.

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Anyway, the doc is somewhat dated, but a fascinating exploration of the history and why going organic isn’t just for the protection of the consumer’s body, but more so for me now to know that some plantation worker hasn’t been sprayed with pesticides that make them sterile. We just don’t know sometimes what the chemicals are doing and if the option to eat organic, spend a little more and eat a little less is there, that’s the road I take.

I’m sure I can survive on less food anyway. And I believe that every time we spend money we vote. Spend consciously, just as we strive to do all the rest so.

I’ve done some looking in other places and of course there’s so much info, but Fyffes organic seem to be a great options.

Most of the data I’ve found comes from UK or US market and not Germany where I am pleasantly sat. But it transfers because we see these brands here and also the German supermarkets are heavy on the Bio sections. So I have no excuse now.

Choice and awareness. Everything we eat came from somewhere. It’s a step to try and eat food that isn’t heavily processed and smooshed out of a machine and squeezed into a box, but then we’re left to wonder when sat with our power plate of fresh produce, how far have our fruit and veg traveled and how were the lives of producers and farmers who grew them for us?

Often we can choose a sustainable option, and will perhaps have to sacrifice quantity in doing so. But personally, I feel compelled to do all I can in all the little ways. And this week it’s bananas, I’m going to check all the stores around me and see what’s what. I’ll let you know 😉

Or you let ME know? Who understands bananas?!

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